Canada and WWI: The Causes of WWI

There were many events leading to the World War .  “On June 28, 1914 Archdurke Franz Ferdinand was killed by Gavrilo Princip, a member of the “Black Hand” while visiting Bosnia (within the Austro Hungarian Empire).”   (Falk, Plante, Miller, & Figueira, 2006, p. 45)  The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand  set in motion a chain of events that led to the World War.  However, the creation of the Triple Entente and Triple Alliance may have been the initial cause of tensions between the countries involved.

Canada was likely involved due to influence of Britain.  Many Canadians considered themselves to be proud British subjects as many were freshly immigrated from Britain. (Cranny & Moles, 2001, Pg 8).  I believe British Nationalism played a heavy role in much of Canada’s activities during and before the War.  However it is not so present now as Canada has become recognized as quite an independent country.

I believe Canada made the right choice in participating in the war.  While true many lives were lost; Canada’s participation has allowed other countries to recognized its independence and reliability.  As well due to Canada’s many Military victories we have been able to be recognized as a hardy and accountable military force despite our relatively small military.  As well, going into War allowed for Women to enter the workforce and subsequently their recognition as ample voting citizens.

Armistice Day, Munitions Centre

Armistice Day, Munitions Center [Photograph; Victory Celebration at Canadian Munitions Center.] At: (Accessed on 09.25.13)


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