Canada and World War II: The Moral Purpose of the War

I believe that WWII did not serve a moral purpose of sorts as the majority of the countries involved only participated due to a fear of a Hitler gaining to much momentum in his war effort.  The majority of the events that raised moral questions revolved around Hitler’s Anti-Semitic views.  It began with the enacting of the Nuremberg Laws and began to escalate from there.  The Nuremberg Laws were issued between 1933 and 1939.  It forced those of Jewish descent to make this fact known, as well due to their Jewish ancestry they lost many of their rights, including: citizenship, property, and possessions (Falk, Plante, Miller, & Figueira, 2006.)  Proceeding the enactment of these laws were a series of mass killings known as “Night of the Long Knives” and “Kristallnacht.”  During these events Hitler eliminated his political opponents and notable Jewish Citizens (Falk, Plante, Miller, & Figueira, 2006.)

However, going into the war the allies were not conscious of the persecution of the Jewish people.  This cements my previous argument further as the Allies fought the war out of fear rather out of their desire to fight for the greater good.  As well, despite fighting the war to oust the impending German power; the allies were not aware of the full extent of Hitler’s political power.  Due to winning a majority government and enacting The Enabling Act of 1934; Hitler had almost full sovereign control of his nation. (History. [2013] Night of the Long Knives.)

It was not until the Allies managed to breach Germany and force a surrender on to them did they realize the entirety of Hitler’s Antisemitism.  As the Allies pushed further into Germany they began to uncover Hitler’s acts of depravity against the Jews.  Concentration Camps were being unearthed quickly and the emergence the emaciated survivors mortified the soldiers. (Cranny & Moles, 2001.)  It was clear the soldiers were not aware of what had been going on in the enemy territory as many were completely unaware of the atrocities occurring in Germany.


File:Hitler Nürnberg 1935.jpg

Parade of SA troops past Hitler. Nuremberg [Photograph; Hitler Triumphantly Reviewing the SA; presumably after the Night of the Long Knives”.] At: (Accessed on 11.28.13)



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