About Me

My full name is John Wayne Luste.  I am currently taking Socials 11 as you can tell by the title of the blog.  I really like listening to music; my favourite genres being Jazz and Neo Soul.  My favourite artists are Janelle Monae and Esperanza Spalding.  Outside of listening to music I tend to gravitate towards to learning about various topics.  Be it current events, history, world culture, etc.

My parents really like travelling and moving about which has resulted in me not loving it so much.  However, I do like going out for walks; so long as I know my surroundings well.  I do not have a problem with going out or travelling so long as the setting is familliar.

English is my second language and I am able to speak and understand my native language relatively well.  Despite living here for most of my life I still have difficulties finding my way around; I can not name any of the streets either.  My favourite season is the Winter because it rains a lot more.  As well, the heat goes away which I like.

The Electric Lady

The Celebrity News Blog. (2013) The Electric Lady: Janelle Monae Streaming her New Album Online Listen Here [Photograph; Cover Art of Janelle Monae’s Album: The Electric Lady“.] At: http://thecelebritynewsblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Janelle-Monae-The-Electric-Lady-new-album.jpg  (Accessed on 08.09.13)